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Commercial Testimonials

I love this franchise, they go out of their way to make you feel appreciated and it shows. I recommend anybody who needs a damage restoration company to use them!

I Personally recommend this franchise to help your needs in time of water, mold or fire damage! Just recently under new management this office strives to make a positive name for its self in the West Palm Beach community. I've personally been affliated with SERVPRO and have had service done at my residence and they did an amazing job. I can expect the same level of service from my home to yours. Educating the customer going through a water damage claim for the first time is a must. Many people are not familiar how the process work due to never experiencing a loss (Property Damage) in their Business/Home. Luckily there are experts like SERVPRO of West Palm beach there to help. Give them a call if you have any questions.

"SERVPRO is extremely knowledgeable and informative. They took careful consideration and steps in explaining to me in precise detail how mold works, the implications behind mold, the ins and outs of water damage, restoration, etc. If you ever have any type of restoration needs or consultation; give SERVPRO a call!"

The team sent to our hotel did a fantastic job removing the water and helping us prevent serious problems. Thanks.

We were worried about our guests after the fire and thought we might have to close down. However, your team explained how they could perform repairs without getting in the way and helped tremendously.

Your team helped us get water problems in our restaurant under control fast. Thank you for all of the support.