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Rely on SERVPRO of West Palm Beach for Your Emergency Restoration Needs

The color green on our vans or trucks is more than just bright and easy to spot. Our signature green provides reassurance for customers that help is here. Customers call on SERVPRO of West Palm Beach for all of their emergency restoration services needs because of our dependability and quality of work. Our community has trusted us with their homes and businesses, knowing that our crew will provide the best possible services for any mold, water, or fire damage.

SERVPRO of West Palm Beach Performs Complete Assessments

At SERVPRO of West Palm Beach, we always stress the importance of looking beyond surface level. There are many potential disasters waiting to occur than what is seen even to the trained eye. In this photo above, our crew made sure to completely remove the wooden cabinet suffering from water damage. The wall behind the cabinet was also in need of inspection as was the floor for possible water or mold damage. 

Expertise in Emergency Restoration Services

At SERVPRO of West Palm Beach our crew works as a team, bringing multiple years of experience and varying knowledge for any situation. Pictured is two crew members assessing a ceiling in a West Palm Beach kitchen that is experiencing water damage. In any emergency situation, you will never see just one crew member on site. Working as a team ensures that we provide quick, quality work to get your home back to pre-disaster condition, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Has the Right Equipment for Restoration Services

During our busy storm season and outside of that, our warehouse is always properly stocked with the equipment we need to get the job done right. To any water or mold damage site, we bring more than enough air movers to dry out any size building or home. 

Commercial Cleaning Services in West Palm Beach

In downtown West Palm Beach, many of our clients are buildings or individual offices that are in need of commercial cleaning services. We offer daily cleaning to ensure your place of business is thoroughly clean and maintained. In this doctor's office, one of our crew members is seen cleaning an air vent. This in-depth cleaning is especially needed in a place where hygienic, quality air is of the utmost importance.

Commercial Restoration Services for West Palm Beach Restaurants

SERVPRO provides restoration services for businesses in many different industries. Our crew was called out to provide an assessment on this restaurant for potential moisture and mold damage. The entire restaurant was evaluated for all signs of damage. Once we had determined that there were some signs of mold and mildew, our crew set to work providing restoration services to get this restaurant back to working order and serving customers.

The Effects of Storm Damage and How to Prevent It

After a storm, damage caused by water can come from a number of sources. It is important that these issues are taken care of right away as to prevent further damage. This practice is referred to as Mitigation. Professional restoration services are usually enlisted in preventing further damages to your West Palm Beach or Wellington home. 

Potential sources of damage include:
-Burst pipes
-Roof leaks
-Foundation cracks
-Leaky windows and doors
-Poor exterior siding
-Faulty gutters
-Sump pump failure

If you have storm damage in your home, give the pros at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach a call at (561)795-5410 

Handling Any Storm Damage With IICRC Trained Technicians And Professional Equipment

If you have ever experienced a flood in your home, you know the severity of the potential damage. The water damage trained technicians at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach are highly versed in water damage restoration and are successful in making your home "Like it never even happened." We use professional grade equipment to get rid of mold, odors, and water. We also are able to detect hidden mold and moisture causing damage to your home. Our crew is IICRC certified and experienced, providing you a peace of mind when emergency disasters hit.

How Does Mold Occur In Your West Palm Beach Home?

Evidence of mold is everywhere. Mold spores are airborne, and once they find themselves in any area with adequate moisture they are able to quickly multiply themselves.  As moisture and wet areas travel and spread so does mold, eventually affecting any area in its path. The rapid accumulation of mold infestations in a home or commercial building is reason enough to immediately act on any wet areas or building material. Water damage to a home or commercial building can be caused from natural or accidental disasters.When disaster strikes, not only is water extraction required but mold inspection and restoration as well. As mold removal products will not suffice in this case, call the mold experts at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach, (561)795-5410.

SERVPRO Available For Damage Restoration To West Palm Beach Hotels, Casinos And More

When disaster strikes at a hospitality facility, the help of a specialized team is critical in assuring that normal operations resume as quickly and safely as possible. Whether the cause is a coat hanger on a sprinkler head, a fire, a traumatic event, or a natural disaster, count on SERVPRO of West Palm Beach. Our team will coordinate with your management and maintenance staff to prioritize spaces, isolate the damage, and restore the area to your complete satisfaction, while minimizing the inconvenience to you and your guests. 

Types of Facilities:

  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment Venues

Our technicians have had extensive experience in commercial damage and restoration whether it is mold, fire or water. Our professionals are available 24-7/365 to help remediate any damage, regardless of the cause, scale of the loss, or the size of your facility. 

How To Prevent & Get Rid of Bathroom Mold

Chances are you've experienced some type of mold in your bathroom at least once. Sneaky and invasive, mold can show up at anytime in a bathroom. Although mold is a common problem, if it hasn't gotten out of hand and is not severe then, it's easy to prevent and get rid of. It's not surprising that mold thrives in dark and damp spaces, especially one like a bathroom after showering. 

If you are experiencing mold in your home too big for you to handle on your own and are in need of mold removal, give the pros at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach a call at (561)795-5410. We will be glad to inspect your home and perform any mold remediation.

Fire Damage And Repair in West Palm Beach

A small fire is capable of causing big damage to your West Palm Beach home. Fire repair and restoration that's done in a quick manner is key to preventing more damage from occurring to your home and potentially your health. On average smoke damage restoration could cost around $3,000. Factors like location and severity of the damage affect the price. A kitchen fire can often be more costly compared to a closet fire. However, homeowner's or renter's insurance along with calling in a professional restoration company in West Palm, can help to lessen out of pocket expenses.  If you're experiencing smoke or soot damage call us at (561)795-5410 and our experienced technicians will be glad to walk you through the process of bringing your home back to normal.

How To Keep Your Pet Friendly Home Odor Free And Clean

A furry friend fills your home with lots of love but it also fills it with lots of fur, messes and sometimes unwanted pet odors. A study done by NCSU discovered that homes with dogs harbor more bacteria than those without dogs. It was also found that bed linens hold the most dog bacteria in your home. No worries, it's possible to co-habit with your furry friend without having your home smell like a dog hotel. If you have pet odors taking over your home, call the pros of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561)795-5410 to professionally deep clean couches, carpets and other areas of your home that may need attention.

Remove Mildew Smell Out Of Your Carpet In Your West Palm Beach Home

After a carpet experiences water damage, it's more than likely to have a musty odor left behind. Not only are musty carpets stinky but they could be a sign of mold as well. Although it may seem difficult to accomplish, finding the smell of mildew is a simple task.

Completely dry the affected area. If the room has windows, keep them open for several hours to distribute fresh air and speed drying. Dehumidifiers help remove moisture from both the air and your carpet fibers. Floor fans also increase air circulation, and pointing the airflow directly on your carpet will accelerate drying time.

For a thorough cleaning of your carpets and to have your home inspected for mold call the pros of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561)795-5410

How Can You Protect Your Home From Water Damage?

Being one of the most expensive disasters a home can experience, water damage is more common than you think. Protect your home and belongings with the insurance coverage that's right for you and by following the tips below.

Maintain and understand your indoor plumbing systems:
Inspect appliance hoses and faucets.
Inspect showers and tubs.
When away on vacation, shut off the water supply to the washing machine.

Repair and protect your home's exterior:
Caulk and seal windows.
Inspect your roof.
Check your downspouts.

Protect your possessions:
Store off-season and other bulk belongings in waterproof bins.
Never store valuables or memorabilia where there is risk of destruction from water.

For more information on our water damage services call the pros of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561)795-5410

Fire Restoration Process and Cost

Fires can be devastating to your home. Even a small kitchen fire, can cause immense damage and cost thousands in repair. Fires can be caused by a spark, faulty wiring, or human error. With their home and personal belongings afflicted by soot and smoke damage, all hope may seem lost. The crew at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach understand the significance of properly cleaning and repairing a home and it's items for West Palm Beach residents. During the fire restoration process we make sure to inventory all of your belongings, like we did in the above image. This home experienced fire and water damage, leaving many of it's items in need of restoration. The items that were salvageable were recorded by photo, listed, and wrapped properly to store or send for cleaning. 

Storm Damage Big Or Small, Call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach

A storm rolling through South Florida caused significant flooding to this home, affecting much of the floor. Water found it's way under the floor boards, wetting much of the foundation. The flooring needed to be lifted to dry and restore what our crew was able to. Any type of storm damage can be handled by SERVPRO of West Palm Beach, we are here to help. From water extraction, thorough cleaning, and even water damage restoration we have technicians who are IICRC certified and trained to look for signs of damage and where to begin on the cleaning process. 

Mold Remediation Calls Answered 24/7 in West Palm Beach, FL

SERVPRO of West Palm Beach will respond to your mold problem 24/7! Mold can grow quickly and spread just as quick becoming a nuisance for Palm Beach County home and building owners. Mold removal does not always have to be so daunting. Let the experts at SERVPRO handle the job and use state of the art remediation technology? Call today for a mold inspection for your home or commercial building.

Commercial Cleaning Experts in West Palm Beach, FL

Our specialized cleaning solutions made in Gallatin, TN can tackle any kind of commercial cleaning job! SERVPRO uses the industry leading cleaning formulas that no other restoration company has access to. It is with these formulas and our expert technicians' knowledge that make us the #1 choice for cleaning and restoration. SERVPRO of West Palm has had experience with commercial buildings and major clean ups. From mold to biohazard disasters, we'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration in South Florida Areas

In the photo above, residue from a fire extinguisher can be seen throughout this West Palm Beach city bathroom. Our crew was called out to provide swift and thorough cleanup. SERVPRO of West Palm Beach services many areas in Palm Beach County when it comes to fire, soot, and smoke damage. Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee Groves, Wellington, Palm Beach Island, Downtown West Palm and the surrounding areas all have access to the professional clean up and restoration of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach. Fire restoration to a home or commercial building is possible and a phone call away, 24/7!

Water Damage in West Palm Beach, FL

Pictured above is a commercial building's ceiling affected by water damage after a storm hit in West Palm Beach, Florida. The ceiling incurred a great amount of damage, leaving the entire area to be removed and rebuilt. This business owner was pleased with the way the SERVPRO team efficiently handled the loss. Our certified technicians worked quickly and diligently to inspect, cleanup and restore the ceiling. When cleaning and inspecting, our team searched for any more signs of a water leak or needed water extraction. Evidence of mold and mildew was also sought after as is typical of water damage cases. 

The Hidden Dangers of Mold

Mold growth takes as little as 48 hours to grow and fester with the right conditions. Often times in South Florida homes, water damage or trapped moisture that goes untreated will lead to mold. Water and moisture hiding behind baseboards, cabinets, and inside drywall mixed with South Florida's humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. Make sure to call SERVPRO of West Palm Beach immediately upon on notice of any leaks, pooling of water, or damage by sources of water and moisture.

Storm Damage Experts in South Florida

It's the water you don't see... that does the most damage!

SERVPRO of West Palm Beach uses industry leading technology to identify hidden water in your home after a storm. Often water extraction is needed to take place beneath the visible surfaces, requiring special equipment that pinpoints the moisture. Areas that have made contact with storm inflicted damage to homes and commercial buildings, will then be assessed as to the extent of damage, dried, and provided rebuild if necessary. SERVPRO's team services Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Downtown West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Island and many more surrounding areas. Call an expert water extraction company like SERVPRO of West Palm Beach.

Fire and Water Damage: How They're Related

In the picture above our crew responded to a fire in a small West Palm Beach office. Our crew also assessed the building for water damage as the sprinkler system was broken, causing water to hit the ceiling panels repeatedly.  

At first glance following a fire, many believe cleaning and salvaging any personal belongings are the main focuses. However many people fail to account for water damage related to the fire. Sprinkler systems or water from the firefighting efforts can cause a sufficient amount of damage to a home or business during a fire. A professional restoration company in West Palm Beach, would assess both fire and water cleanup efforts. Considering both can prevent long-term damage. 

3rd Annual SERVPRO of West Palm Beach Christmas Party

Our 3rd annual Christmas party at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach was a great success! Our employees gathered together with family and friends to celebrate another wonderful year at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach. We believe in community, loyalty and professionalism and our SERVPRO has done above and beyond this past year! Thank you to the Palm Beach community for supporting us and choosing us for your disaster and cleanup needs!

Water Damaged Laminate Flooring in West Palm Beach

The disadvantage to a laminate flooring in a West Palm Beach home is the susceptibility to water damage--not like ceramic or porcelain tile. SERVPRO team members can extract the water quickly to salvage as much of this flooring as possible. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Thanksgiving at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach

SERVPRO of West Palm Beach hosted a beautiful Thanksgiving for their employees this past Thursday. Everyone got together to share a meal and time together as a work family and share what they were thankful for this past year. The food was delicious and the time was great. At SERVPRO of West Palm Beach, we are thankful for both our customers and our employees! 

Royal Palm Beach Ceiling Storm Damage

The partially demolished ceiling in this Royal Palm Beach home ensured the safety of our SERVPRO technicians as it was also the first cleanup step. The ruined drywall panels were carefully set on the hardwood floor, not seen is a tarp as a protective barrier. The roof was also closed with several sheets of plywood to keep out the bad weather.

West Palm Beach Water Damage to a Fitness Center

The broken line flooded the rubberized floor of this West Palm Beach workout center with some pooling water. The water removal, done swiftly, prevented any rusting or degradation to the exercise equipment. Dehumidifiers rapidly restored the RH relative humidity to comfortable levels. The disruption was minimal since the restoration was completed during the night.

Water Damage in Palm Beach

The water was removed from the kitchen leak in this Palm Beach house before the drying equipment did their job. The air movers and dehumidifiers removed the remaining excess moisture to restore standard levels of humidity.

Fire, Smoke, and Heat Effects in West Palm Beach

The smoke residue from this small fire in a West Palm Beach condo was wiped up with sponges and detergents by our SERVPRO technician. The black spots resulted from metal nail heads that heated up and damaged the drywall. They did not pop through to the outer surface, so the visible damage is restorable.

Mold Damage in Royal Palm Beach

Moisture from a small leak led to a mold colony growing and staining the wall in this Royal Palm Beach property. The drywall was crumbling and needed a partial replacement. Fixing the bathroom leak from the opposing side of the wall was needed to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

West Palm Beach Water Problem in a Hotel

The sprinkler system activated and ran long enough to douse the carpeting in the hallway of this hotel in West Palm Beach. Using air movers, dehumidifiers, and tubing, we quickly captured the excess moisture and soon had the rooms available for their guests.

Downtown WPB Storm Damage

The sump pump broke down allowing storm water to cover this sublevel room with several inches of water. We set up a portable pump to extract the bulk of the water to mitigate the water damage. We then followed up with drying techniques to reduce the humidity.

Ceiling Moisture Leads to Mold

The mold was spread out through this popcorned ceiling in this West Palm Beach home. The HVAC system leaked cool air which led to condensation in the attic. We cleaned and serviced the ducts before we could move on to remediating the mold growth.

Grease Fire in West Palm Beach Restaurant

This restaurant had a small grease fire in West Palm Beach, damaging the side of the stove. Our team surveyed the rest of the restaurant for any smoke or soot damage that may have traveled throughout the restaurant.

West Palm Beach Water Damage

The roof on this business Was damaged, alloWing Water to seep through into the ceiling itself. The panels had all come into contact With the Water that leaked through, causing sufficient damage. Many of the panels began to cave in and deteriorate. Our creW set to Work removing each panel and locating the source of the leak, careful not to disturb any Wiring. Removing the ceiling panels provided our crew access to ensure that proper drying occurred, placing equipment in the area to keep moisture levels loW. Working efficiently Was imperative during this job to get this office running and back open quickly.