Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage And Repair in West Palm Beach

A small fire is capable of causing big damage to your West Palm Beach home. Fire repair and restoration that's done in a quick manner is key to preventing more damage from occurring to your home and potentially your health. On average smoke damage restoration could cost around $3,000. Factors like location and severity of the damage affect the price. A kitchen fire can often be more costly compared to a closet fire. However, homeowner's or renter's insurance along with calling in a professional restoration company in West Palm, can help to lessen out of pocket expenses.  If you're experiencing smoke or soot damage call us at (561)795-5410 and our experienced technicians will be glad to walk you through the process of bringing your home back to normal.

Fire Restoration Process and Cost

Fires can be devastating to your home. Even a small kitchen fire, can cause immense damage and cost thousands in repair. Fires can be caused by a spark, faulty wiring, or human error. With their home and personal belongings afflicted by soot and smoke damage, all hope may seem lost. The crew at SERVPRO of West Palm Beach understand the significance of properly cleaning and repairing a home and it's items for West Palm Beach residents. During the fire restoration process we make sure to inventory all of your belongings, like we did in the above image. This home experienced fire and water damage, leaving many of it's items in need of restoration. The items that were salvageable were recorded by photo, listed, and wrapped properly to store or send for cleaning. 

Fire Damage Restoration in South Florida Areas

In the photo above, residue from a fire extinguisher can be seen throughout this West Palm Beach city bathroom. Our crew was called out to provide swift and thorough cleanup. SERVPRO of West Palm Beach services many areas in Palm Beach County when it comes to fire, soot, and smoke damage. Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee Groves, Wellington, Palm Beach Island, Downtown West Palm and the surrounding areas all have access to the professional clean up and restoration of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach. Fire restoration to a home or commercial building is possible and a phone call away, 24/7!

Fire and Water Damage: How They're Related

In the picture above our crew responded to a fire in a small West Palm Beach office. Our crew also assessed the building for water damage as the sprinkler system was broken, causing water to hit the ceiling panels repeatedly.  

At first glance following a fire, many believe cleaning and salvaging any personal belongings are the main focuses. However many people fail to account for water damage related to the fire. Sprinkler systems or water from the firefighting efforts can cause a sufficient amount of damage to a home or business during a fire. A professional restoration company in West Palm Beach, would assess both fire and water cleanup efforts. Considering both can prevent long-term damage. 

Fire, Smoke, and Heat Effects in West Palm Beach

The smoke residue from this small fire in a West Palm Beach condo was wiped up with sponges and detergents by our SERVPRO technician. The black spots resulted from metal nail heads that heated up and damaged the drywall. They did not pop through to the outer surface, so the visible damage is restorable.

Grease Fire in West Palm Beach Restaurant

This restaurant had a small grease fire in West Palm Beach, damaging the side of the stove. Our team surveyed the rest of the restaurant for any smoke or soot damage that may have traveled throughout the restaurant.