Water Damage Photo Gallery

Remove Mildew Smell Out Of Your Carpet In Your West Palm Beach Home

After a carpet experiences water damage, it's more than likely to have a musty odor left behind. Not only are musty carpets stinky but they could be a sign of mold as well. Although it may seem difficult to accomplish, finding the smell of mildew is a simple task.

Completely dry the affected area. If the room has windows, keep them open for several hours to distribute fresh air and speed drying. Dehumidifiers help remove moisture from both the air and your carpet fibers. Floor fans also increase air circulation, and pointing the airflow directly on your carpet will accelerate drying time.

For a thorough cleaning of your carpets and to have your home inspected for mold call the pros of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach at (561)795-5410

How Can You Protect Your Home From Water Damage?

Being one of the most expensive disasters a home can experience, water damage is more common than you think. Protect your home and belongings with the insurance coverage that's right for you and by following the tips below.

Maintain and understand your indoor plumbing systems:
Inspect appliance hoses and faucets.
Inspect showers and tubs.
When away on vacation, shut off the water supply to the washing machine.

Repair and protect your home's exterior:
Caulk and seal windows.
Inspect your roof.
Check your downspouts.

Protect your possessions:
Store off-season and other bulk belongings in waterproof bins.
Never store valuables or memorabilia where there is risk of destruction from water.

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Water Damage in West Palm Beach, FL

Pictured above is a commercial building's ceiling affected by water damage after a storm hit in West Palm Beach, Florida. The ceiling incurred a great amount of damage, leaving the entire area to be removed and rebuilt. This business owner was pleased with the way the SERVPRO team efficiently handled the loss. Our certified technicians worked quickly and diligently to inspect, cleanup and restore the ceiling. When cleaning and inspecting, our team searched for any more signs of a water leak or needed water extraction. Evidence of mold and mildew was also sought after as is typical of water damage cases. 

Water Damaged Laminate Flooring in West Palm Beach

The disadvantage to a laminate flooring in a West Palm Beach home is the susceptibility to water damage--not like ceramic or porcelain tile. SERVPRO team members can extract the water quickly to salvage as much of this flooring as possible. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Damage in Palm Beach

The water was removed from the kitchen leak in this Palm Beach house before the drying equipment did their job. The air movers and dehumidifiers removed the remaining excess moisture to restore standard levels of humidity.

West Palm Beach Water Damage

The roof on this business Was damaged, alloWing Water to seep through into the ceiling itself. The panels had all come into contact With the Water that leaked through, causing sufficient damage. Many of the panels began to cave in and deteriorate. Our creW set to Work removing each panel and locating the source of the leak, careful not to disturb any Wiring. Removing the ceiling panels provided our crew access to ensure that proper drying occurred, placing equipment in the area to keep moisture levels loW. Working efficiently Was imperative during this job to get this office running and back open quickly.